WordPress Redirecting to old url? Here is solution

Hi folks, i am working on a wordpress project. its a undeconstruction website. i took backup and install it on my local server. I am using xamp. I have database backup and files backup. I know how to move wordpress on local server. i have been import database file(sql file) in PHPmyadmin and tha place my file in htdoc folder of xampp. Edit wp-config.php file and Replace my local database username, host, password and database name. it should run fine but it won’t work. Here is what i try to resolve this.

First solution : I go to my database at localhost. open wp_option table and change “siteurl” and “home” value with my current localhost url. for example “siteurl” and “home” value was “http://YouOnlineWebsite.com” and i change it with “http://localhost/myLocalsite”.
But it don’t work 🙁

Second solution: when database edit does not work, search online and find that defining WP_siteurl and WP_home in wp_config.php file can solve this problem. so i put this code in my wp-config.php file after database details.
define( ‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘http://localhost/YourwebFolder’ );
define( ‘WP_HOME’, ‘http://localhost/YourwebFolder’ );

but no luck. still my website redirecting to server url
Final solution: when i try everything and nothing was working.  i take rest for few minutes and than see everthing from starting. check my database, clean my cache and browser history and look again in wp-config.php file. i find that there is some type of multisite code in wp-config.php file.
I remove the whole code of multisite block and tada.. everything work.

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